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  Let us help you reach new heights.

About Us

APX Technology considers itself to be at the apex of information technology. Our mission is to guide your business in developing and growing a robust and secure IT infrastructure, using the latest technologies the market has to offer. We have shown that this can be done, all while ensuring cost control and top-level customer satisfaction.

Our Services

Information Security 

Today, information security is much more than making sure a PC’s virus definitions are up-to-date...

Consulting Services

Let APX simplify the process by guiding your business through a variety of IT challenges...

Systems Integration

It has become increasingly difficult to keep up with the rapid pace of technological advancement

Virtual CIO

The right resources don’t always require more personnel. APX’s Virtual CIO service can...


Failure isn’t an option, for you or your network. Virtualizing critical system components allows business to...

Cloud Migration Services

Cloud Migration has become a key, long-term business trend, due to the proven benefits it provides


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