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Information Security

Today, information security is much more than making sure a PC’s virus definitions are up-to-date.


The continuous drive toward IT integration and interconnectedness brings with it the increased burden of data protection and information security. The threats faced in the IT space range from simple malware and the highly-popular Ransomware to sophisticated, full-scale attacks on enterprise networks, and can cause irreparable harm to the businesses they target.

Interconnectedness also poses threats, through the proliferation of access points in the typical BYOD business network. More devices means more openings, and controlling the ability of third-party services, mobile apps, and cloud-based services to access sensitive data on your business network forces most IT personnel to blur the line between connection provider and policy enforcer.


APX can help your business minimize risk and increase data safety with our comprehensive approach toward hardware, software, processes, and protocols. We utilize the most comprehensive information security policies and protections to ensure your client information, corporate personnel files, and business data are protected.

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